Certificate of International Cooperation

European Security Center

The European Security Center was established to comprehensively provide services related to security. We offer law enforcement training in personal and public safety for both uniformed services and civilians. ESC has obtained a government license for the implementation of personal and property protection services, therefore, in addition to training at the highest level, we offer our clients protection services by professional security staff throughout Europe.

In the European Security Center there is a group of highly trained international security experts from Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Ukraine, United States and South Africa. Our mutual co-operation is based on exchanging experiences within the field of training services. Together, we set and implement international standards in the area of emergency procedures. We undertake joint activities, i.e. various training programs, workshops with the police as well as other emergency services.
We organize seminars as well as workshops and specialist courses during which we constantly improve qualifications of many people involved in development of personal and public safety, supported by examinations and certifications.

European Security Center is exclusively connected with International Combat Schooting and Krav Maga Assosiation oraz „PASSA” Assotiation. „PASSA” is Accredited Training Examination Center by the minister of national education, therefore our trainings are characterized by the highest quality of services.
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Andrzej Marczak
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The International Expert Team



o  ITALY – NAPLES – Ivan Franco
o  ITALY – ROME – Pasquale Franco
o  FRANCE – Francois Ladasic
o  SPAIN – Jose Manuel Gonzalez Sanjuan
o  ENGLAND – Andy Conroy
o  ENGLAND – John Jenkins
o  SOUTH AFRICA – Glenn Mortelmans
o  POLAND – Marcin Ziółkowski
o  POLAND – Robert Pawłowski

Our instructors team is a selected group of experts with a long term experience in law enforcement and military units.

We cooperate also with instructors from:

 UKRAINE: Piotr Nurzyński
 IRELAND – Anthony Cunnane
 ENGLAND – Robert Iluczyk
 SPAIN – Jose Luis Martin Perez
 UNITED STATES – Robert Rand

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 Andrzej Marczak
 Katarzyna Banasik